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Easy to Use Car Care Products

Just apply & rinse Too Easy's Car Care Products - in sun or shade. Do the whole car at once! Because our Rejuvenating Wash (car wash soap) and Finish Protectant (car polish) repels water and prevents water spots, you don't even have to dry your car. Your car will air-dry spot-free all by itself.

Unlike conventional car wash soap and car wax products, Too Easy Car Care products:

  • Car Care Products Can Be Applied in Direct Sunlight
  • Car Care Products Can Be Applied to Entire Car at One Time
  • No Need for Drying after using Rejuvinating Car Wash
  • No Need for Buffing after using Finish Protectant Car Polish

End result? Too Easy care care products take half the time to wash and wax your car compared to conventional car wax, polish, paste or cream products.

Does this sound familiar: “car surface must be clean and dry,” “do not apply to car paint in direct sunlight,” “do one small area at a time,” “allow to dry,” “buff off haze,” “turn cloth frequently?”

Conventional car waxes & car polishes have a lot of rules to follow, and a decent application for an average size car takes about an hour. But Too Easy Finish Protectant car polish has no such rules, and a complete application takes only about 15 minutes. How is this possible? It’s possible because Too Easy’s patented formula is completely unlike any conventional wax or polish anywhere in the world.

Believe it or not, the application instructions for Too Easy Finish Protectant are: Spray & wipe, then rinse. That’s it! You’re done!


Worried about water spots?  Too Easy car care products prevent water spots.  When using Too Easy Products, your car will air-dry spot-free to a beutiful shine with no hand drying!

And here’s a few other Too Easy features that make it really easy to use: you can apply Too Easy Car Wash and Car Polish in the shade or in direct sunlight; to a hot (as long as you don’t burn your fingers) or a cool surface; indoors or out doors, and to a wet or a dry surface. You can also do the whole vehicle at once. Too Easy is virtually mistake proof!

But that’s not all. Maintaining your car’s shine and protection gets even easier after you’ve applied Too Easy Finish Protectant! To keep your car’s showroom shine, and protect it from the elements, just wash your car as normal with Too Easy Rejuvenating Wash. Too Easy Rejuvenating Wash deep cleans, neutralizes contaminants, and rejuvenates the shine and protection of Too Easy Finish Protectant every time you wash. And remember, with Too Easy, after you wash your car, you don’t have to dry it. Your car will air-dry spot-free to a beautiful shine with no hand drying!


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