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Do you ever take the time to read the labels on containers of conventional waxes & polishes? A lot of people donít. Theyíve been polishing their cars the same way for so long that they donít read anythingóthey just take off the cap, pour out the polish, and start rubbing.

But what people should know is that, while conventional waxes & polishes havenít changed very much over the years, cars have! Todayís cars & trucks arenít made of just metal any more. And thatís important because if you read the wax & polish labels, you might see this: Not intended for use on vinyl, wood or simulated wood, plastic, metalized plastic, trim, decals or flat paint.

The reason car polish & wax manufacturers donít want you to use their products on these surfaces is because their products contain solvents & abrasives. On non-metal surfaces, solvents can cause drying & cracking, and abrasives can scratch and stain. If youíve ever polished your car, then you know how important it is to avoid the black vinyl trim. Wax & polish will turn it white immediately, and itís almost impossible to restore it to its original rich color. Solvents & abrasives can have the same affect on other non-metal parts of your car; itís just that you donít see it right away.

But even if you do read the label and try to be careful, the real trick is trying to figure out where the non-metal surfaces are. Do you know which parts of your car are made of plastic, or metalized plastic? Itís hard to tell just by looking, or even by touching.

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Non-metal areas where conventional waxes & polishes should not be applied!

But thereís a pretty good chance that your carís bumpers, quarter panels, and hubcaps are made of plastics. Parts that used to be chrome are now frequently plastic, and thereís probably a lot of vinyl & rubber trim on your car too. Why is there such a disconnect between todayí cars & trucks and todayís waxes & polishes? We donít know, there just isóexcept for Too Easy, of course.

If you read the label, what youíll see is that Too Easy car care products such as the car wash and car polish are safeóand recommendedófor exterior surfaces including vinyl and rubber trim, plastic moldingóeven decals! Even decals! How about that? Thatís because Too Easyís patented formula contains no solvents, abrasives, or silicones. Itís even biodegradable!  Too Easy car care products are also environmentally safe cleaning products!


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