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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I'm not satisfied, can I get my money back?
A: Yes, just return the Too Easy Car Polish Finish Protectant for a refund, and keep the Rejuvenating Car Wash as a free gift.

Q: Is Too Easy safe for clear coats?
A: Yes, Too Easy is safe and recommended for use on all exterior automobile surfaces including clear coat, fiberglass, plastic, vinyl & rubber trim-even decals!

Q: Will Too Easy remove the water spots on my vehicle?
Too Easy shines and protects, and will remove some surface blemishes. However, serious paint damage may require compounding before Too Easy is applied.

Q: I recently waxed my car. Can I apply Too Easy over the top of wax or polish?
A: Yes.

Q: I used Too Easy, but my car is still beading the water. Why is this?
A: Too Easy adheres to painted surfaces by lodging in tiny microscopic pores in the paint. If your vehicle was recently waxed, Too Easy might have trouble getting through to the paint. Eventually, prior applications of car wax will wear off and continued use of Too Easy and Rejuvenating Wash should make a big difference in the appearance of your vehicle.

Q: I applied Too Easy according to the instructions, but now I have streaks on my hood. What's wrong?
A: Streaking is caused by over application. Remember, Too Easy is super concentrated-you only need about two ounces to do an average size car. Just wipe affected areas with a damp cloth-or, keep rinsing until the streaks go away.

Q: I applied Too Easy according to the instructions, but when I rinse with a garden hose, I see bubbles everywhere. What is that?
A: Too Easy works by dispersing water and neutralizing contaminants. The bubbles just mean that Too Easy is working.

Q: What does Too Easy Rejuvenating Car Wash do?
A: Too Easy Rejuvenating Car Wash deep cleans and neutralizes contaminants without harsh chemicals. Too Easy Rejuvenating Car Wash also contains some of the same protective ingredients that are in the patented Too Easy Finish Protectant formula, so that you rejuvenate the original shine and protection every time you wash.


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