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Safe for the environment
Too Easy products not only protect your paint finish in a unique and special way, but Too Easy’s patented formulas are also unique, making them environmentally safe cleaning products.

Conventional Paint Sealants and Auto Polishes
Conventional paint sealant and car polishes are formulated with hazardous solvents like mineral spirits, kerosene, naphthalene, and ether. These solvents are needed to dissolve other polish components such as wax and resins which are based on silicone, acrylic, or urethane. If all the cars & trucks in America are polished just twice a year using conventional auto polish, 4,000,000 gallons of solvent will evaporate into our air. That doesn’t count the millions of liquid gallons pitched into the garbage and wind up in landfills when the polish gets old or freezes when left in the garage over the winter.

Too Easy
Too Easy contains no solvent, and can freeze and thaw over and over with no damage to the product. And—because Too Easy is biodegradable—anything that accidentally spills on the ground will not harm the environment.

Also, car care products with solvent must be packaged in bottles made with polyvinylchloride. These bottles require more energy to manufacture, and are not recyclable. Too Easy car care products use only recyclable bottles. Too Easy labels are printed on recycled paper stock with soy-based inks.  Making these products all around environmentally friendly.

Too Easy products are made from a patented blend of biodegradable components that are not soluble in water, but can be dispersed I pure water. Since Too Easy products contain no solvents, they do not have to be packaged in bottles made of polyvinylchloride. Too Easy can be safely packaged in bottles made of recycled and recyclable plastics. Unlike polyvinylchloride containers, Too Easy bottles are convenient, unbreakable even in cold weather and are accepted by municipal recycling programs.


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