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Too Easy is Easy on the Environment

Using Too Easy is Easier on the Environment

If you use Too Easy Finish Protectant Car Polish and Too Easy Rejuvenating Car Wash, youíre already helping the environment by using products that contain no VOCís (volatile organic compounds) and are biodegradable.  But you may be helping the environment in ways you havenít thought about.

When you use Too Easy, your car will air-dry spot-free with no hand drying.  That means there are no wet towels to launder when youíre done.  Someone who uses conventional car care products, and washes his or her car just 12 times per year, probably generates about 6 wash-loads of towels each year.  To do that much laundry would use about 200 gallons of water, 11 kilowatt hours of electricity, and 176 cubic feet of natural gas.  And this is what you are saving each year by using Too Easy car care products instead.

Thatís how we help the environmentólots of people finding ways to save a little energy every day.  And when lots of people do it, the savings can get very impressive.  If you apply these savings to just the passenger cars in the United States, the annual savings would be over 50 billion gallons of water*, nearly 3 billion kilowatt hours of electricity (enough to power the city of Providence, Rhode Island for a year), and 43 billion cubic feet of natural gas (enough to heat everybodyís home in Cleveland, Ohio for the winter)! 

And thatís just passenger cars.  It doesnít count fleets and trucks.  It also doesnít count the energy it takes to blow hot air out of automatic car washes every day.  And what about your energy?  We help save that too!

*Donít forget, the water that flows into your washing machine uses up a lot of resources before it gets there.  The water has to be collected, filtered, purified, chlorinated, maybe fluorinated, and pumped for miles and miles.  Thatís a lot of chemicals and energy that get consumed before the water even gets to your washing machine.  And then it just gets wasted on a bunch of old towels.





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