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Water Pollution - Too Easy Products contributes to Environmental Safety

Did you know that the most common pollutant one can find in storm drains and other water sources is detergent? A majority of the detergent found in storm drains and creeks are from when people wash their cars.

Too Easy is based out of Western New York. Living so close to Lake Erie, we find water pollution a major concern. With the safety of our environment, we decided to developed a car care product.

Many people do not realize while washing their cars in their driveway, they are helping introduce soap, oil and engine grime into the environment we live in. The purpose of washing your vehicle is to rid off the dirt and grime by the use of soap and water. These chemicals run off your vehicle, travel down the driveway, and then into our storm drains. These storm drains carry water directly into our creeks, streams, and lakes they do not connect to a waste treatment plant. Then, the soaps and chemicals are deposited in our creeks and streams, untreated. One has to think about what other chemicals and pollutants the run off is picking up in addition to what is coming off the vehicle. Any spills or leaks on the driveway consisting of oil, antifreeze, grease, and transmission fluids will also be picked up along the way.

Here are a few simple steps we can take to help keep our water clean:

  • Washing your cars on a lawn, grass area, or gravel: These type of area’s will act as a sponge. The wastewater can be absorbed and neutralized in the soil, which then filters out contaminants before polluting and of our water supply.
  • Use a spray release nozzle on your hose to prevent the waste of water.
  • Reduce the amount of soap used or car washing product.

In comparison to other products, Too Easy is biodegradable so if by chance there is a spill, it Will Not harm our environment or contaminate the water. Our product also conserves the water supply since our product makes washing your car quick, and easy! Less time, Less Water! All Too Easy Car Care Products require is to apply, and rinse. Environmentally Safe Car Care Products!


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